1999 Ferrari 360 with Manual Transmission Immerse Yourself in Italian Opulence: A Rare Blu Pozzi

1999 Ferrari 360
Estimated Value
Overall Condition
Paint Condition
Service History
Desired Color
Tire Condition
Seller Private
Make Ferrari
Model 360
Year 1999
Engine Type v8
Cylinders 8
Transmission Manual
Drive Train RWD
Body Style Coupe
Exterior Color Pozzi Blu
Interior Color Black
Clean Title Yes
Clean Carfax Yes

Unleash your inner thrill-seeker and indulge in a symphony for the senses. Our exclusive offering: a rare Blu Pozzi Ferrari 360 equipped with a responsive manual transmission. Quench your desire for speed and elegance on the open road while savoring the exhilarating harmony of the flat plane crank V8.

Although there are faster cars, the 360's pure Italian craftsmanship and naturally aspirated 400 hp engine still boast an impressive 0-60 in 4.6 seconds and a top speed of 184 mph. However, it's not all about raw power. The balanced and predictable handling of this nimble machine makes it a responsive, confidence-inspiring ride.

Designed by Sergio Pininfarina, this 1999 masterpiece stands apart from its predecessors with a minimalist, aerodynamically-focused aesthetic. Its curves hug the road, blending both timeless charm and contemporary innovation.

As an everyday Ferrari, the 360 combines practicality and reliability. It boasts a parcel shelf for your golf clubs, a spacious "frunk," and improved maintenance requirements. 

Our featured 360 has undergone a meticulous conversion to a gated six-speed manual transmission by European Auto Group (EAG) and further refined by Moorespeed. With a crisp, clean shift and a more engaging driving experience, it's a wise choice that sidesteps the F1 transmission woes.

The Blu Pozzi paint job - a rich, deep blue named in honor of French Ferrari importer Charles Pozzi - is a rare find in the Ferrari world and adds a touch of understated elegance. Executives often choose non-red models, such as this one, to avoid the stereotypical "mid-life crisis" stigma.

In conclusion, this well-sorted, well-documented Ferrari 360 manual is situated in a sweet spot for vintage Ferrari enthusiasts. With a captivating engine note, agile handling, and striking Pininfarina design, the 360 is poised to become an appreciating classic.

Don't miss this opportunity to own a piece of Italian automotive history. For sale now exclusively at Rockstar Car Auction. Call 407-538-0224 to experience the magic of the Blu Pozzi Ferrari 360 manual.

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